Veganuary Day 21: Stone-Age Flatbread

The Smallest Boy is totally obsessed with dinosaurs so we’ve got into a recent habit of visiting the ‘dinosaur museum’ in Manchester. This actually really suits me as I love absorbing and being inspired by the ancient history, and watching The Boy play faux scared and run away from Stan the T-Rex giggling. But I’m also in it for the food. The museum cafe is a huge treat as it serves the best vegan menu in Manchester. 

As well as an array of ‘clean eating’ salads, burgers and sandwiches, they serve the most amazing stone-age flatbreads, which includes roasted peppers, red cabbage, toasted almonds, carrot tapenade, hummus and falafels. 

It’s my favourite Sunday! (If you’re feeling inspired, here’s a link to my falafel recipe)

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