Veganuary Day 1: Avocado Toast

Happy New Year!

So as soon as I’m ending my 365 Meals Blog I’m starting again with a new challenge: Veganuary, going vegan for January. I’ve wanted to go vegan for a while and today seems like an opportune time to do it, getting 2018 off to a clean-eating start.

We saw the new year in with friends last night and an entirely vegan feast of Bloody Mary soup as an appetiser, followed by nachos and a Mexican lentil bake, both using vegan cheese and served with coconut yoghurt with chives in place of sour cream. I’ll be adapting quite a few of my recipes from last year (many of my favourites are vegan dishes anyway) such as the giant cous cous salad I had for lunch yesterday, which is primarily vegan but I switched the honey in the dressing to maple syrup.

I’m kickstarting the year with avocado toast for breakfast. I’ve never been a milk drinker and therefore don’t eat cereal for breakfast. I’ve always been a toast girl so to avoid the issue of butter or vegan alternative spreads I’m choosing to top it with avocado, which is also a healthier option. Avocados are a vegan’s best friend as a way of providing creaminess to many recipes, either pizzas, sandwiches or Mexican dishes.

For my toast spread I’ve simply mashed one whole avocado and mixed it with a sprinkling of chilli flakes and nutritional yeast for extra flavour and a vitamin B12 boost. 

This breakfast was enough temptation for Number One Daughter to join me in a vegan day today (she adores avocado!) She’s even pledged to eat more vegan meals although she’s slightly reluctant to commit fully at this stage. 

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