Day 360: Boxing Day Warm-Up

The overnight snow put a temporary dampener on our plans today but fortuitously it cleared up enough in the afternoon for our annual Boxing Day walk. We wrapped up warm and braved the cold, up the rolling Yorkshire hills to be rewarded with a brandy coffee (and a Guinness) at a proper country pub. 

 As our tradition dictates, when we got back home we warmed up our leftovers from yesterday, bubble and squeak style; basically mashed and fried up carrots, parsnips, Brussels sprouts, peas and potatoes, served with nut roast (The Man adds turkey to his and mushy peas, which I detest). This is the one dish of the year where The Man takes charge and I’m happy to let him. 

This is our idyllic Boxing Day. A rejuvenating walk to blow away the cobwebs from yesterday, followed by doing nothing and the easiest meal in the world. Good job it tastes good too. 


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