Day 286: Surprise Lunch

Today was one of those forgetful, slightly shabby, disorganised kind of days. In and amongst forgetting my phone charger and not having enough cereal in for the kids’ breakfasts, I grabbed a (non-labelled) tub of food out of the freezer to take to work for my lunch.

Having no clue as to what was inside I was in for a surprise when I discovered I’d dug out some leftover vegetable samosa filling! When I made my discovery the veg was partially defrosted so I was committed. Undeterred, I grabbed some wholemeal flatbreads that were lurking in the freezer too, some mango chutney and a pot of cannellini bean pate (the kids’ new ‘hummus’) and hoped for the best.

And do you know what? It was the best (surprise) lunch I’ve had in a long time! I even made The Man of the House jealous when I described to him my rescued catastrophe of a lunch.

I spread some of the bean pâté onto one half of the flatbread, topped with heated samosa mixture and drizzled some mango chutney over. 

I may even repeat it another day.


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