Day 283: Happy World Porridge Day!

The 10th October marks World Porridge Day and to help celebrate, we’re joining in with a big bowlful of oats to start the day.

Jude has porridge every morning, as did all the kids when they were his age (and still do on occasions). It’s a perfect first weaning food for babies, incorporating first tastes and flavours in the form of puréed or mashed fruits, which they can then progress onto lumper textures. 

I used porridge as an introduction to all kinds of flavours from mixed berries, which I’d simply rinse and blend together (freezing in ice-cube trays to ensure a good supply and variety), stirring through cooked and puréed pear, apple and mango, to combinations of kiwi and strawberry, cherries, peach and passion fruit. In fact porridge is where all my children acquired their love of fruits, which particularly in Mathilde, still stands today.

Jude’s favourite recipe is mashed banana cooked with ground oats and whole milk, which he tops with pomegranate himself. It’s a reliable and consistent breakfast routine for him, one that will stand him in good stead. 


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