Hello, happy 2017!

A new year, a new start. As a busy part-time working mum of four, I’m sick of trying to juggle daily life and healthy eating for my darling offspring, compounded and made oh-so-much harder by a super-fussy seven year old. I’m tired of teatime battles and dishing up variations of pasta and baked beans (usually in the same dish!) 2016 is no more: 2017 calls for change.

To increase the pressure on myself and my already infexible busy regime I thought it would be more ‘fun’ to turn this into a challenge. I am attempting to increase the amount of acceptable meals in our house, find new favourites and expand the variety. I am going to attempt to cook a different meal every day this year and blog about it (no squirming out of it that way!) – hence 365 meals.

I appreciate there may be pit-falls and meals out and hurdles along the way but I have set myself rules: no repetition, however permeations are allowed as long as it isn’t an exact replica; I am aiming for a home-cooked evening meal but if this isn’t possible I will cook lunch; holidays I haven’t quite worked out yet – self-catering?

So instead of looking for reasons for my self-inflicted experiment to fail please just wish me well – hopefully at the end of it I will have broadened the palate of all my youngsters and had a fun and tasty journey along the way! ūüėĖ


Love, Bev x